We are one of the leading tensile structure manufacturer which is widely used in outdoor areas like parks, gardens, restaurants, bars and many more.Polycarbonate Sheet plays a significant part in building a ductile design. The roof of the tensile structure is developed utilizing the polycarbonate sheet. Most polycarbonate sheets are built by the client's requirement. Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic that Available in a transparent sheet. It is really strong and absorbs minimal moisture, making it resistant to impact damage as well as water damage. It's likewise fire resistant and substance safe. Polycarbonate Sheet is being utilized for a significant long time. We likewise call polycarbonate PVC sheet in like manner language. Polycarbonate sheet looks excellent on the delightful side. Polycarbonate sheet has also been used to build a tensile structure. Tensile fabric architecture structures is manufactured using grade one of mild steel raw materials. We are also engaged in fabricating and installing in high tensile Polycarbonate Tensile Structure.

Materials Used

The materials referred to below are what we would normally use for structures however, to meet specific customer requirements, we are able to source other materials locally and internationally.


We recommend and use Ferrari coated reinforced vinyl, a high quality French made PVC. This material is made specifically for membrane structures and comes with various extended warranties, of between 5 & 10 years, depending on fabric chosen. Ferrari comes in a wide range of colours, the most common being white, sand and champagne, and in a range of fabric weights to suit all sizes of structures.